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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring my own mountain bike?

Yep!  We’ve got a great range of mountain bikes that you can use on our bike tours but you’re welcome to bring your own too!

What’s the weather going to be like?

It’s nearly always cold and windy on top of Mount Wellington, given that it’s 1300m above sea level. Average summer temperature on the top of the mountain is about 13C, but as soon as you come down off the summit (even just a little bit) it’s not so bad.

Back down in the city, Hobart’s summer climate is ideal for riding.  Average temperature is a nice 22C and it doesn’t rain anywhere near as often as people think.

At the Springs (700m) – where most of our off-road bike tours start – the temperatures are a bit colder than Hobart but its not exposed like the summit.

What should I wear on a Hobart MTB bike tour?

We mostly ride downhill so your primary concern is being warm enough to not over heat. In summer I wear light long sleeves, shorts, light gloves and carry a windproof.  In winter I wear a long sleeve thermal top, a cycling jacket, ¾ length knicks warm socks and heavy gloves. I carry a neck tube or balaclava and a windproof jacket.

But don’t worry about getting caught out – we always carry some biking spares (balaclavas, over pants, gloves etc) and if the weather turns really bad we head for the nearest hut, light a fire, drink rum and call the bus to pick us up.

Do I need to bring pedals and shoes?

Nah.  All our bikes come with flat pedals and you can ride them in any pair of flat soled shoes.  A pair of 5/10s would be ideal but just about anything will do.

If you like to ride clip-in shoes let us know and we can find a pair of SPD pedals or you can always bring your own.

If I book another tour with you will I ride the same trails?

Probably not, and if you ask us we can make sure you don’t.

We have multiple different routes for our bike tours including Ride The Mountain plus Dawn Chorus, Night FeverThe Epic and the Mountain to MONA.  Unless you want to ride the same route there’s no need to do the same route twice.

Get in touch if you’d like to figure out a particular bike tour with us.

Do you provide instructions?

No, but we can set you up with a lesson with the best instructor in Tassie, Roy “The Legend” Langman.

Hmmm, I don’t see my question answered here…

Drop us a line using our contact page and we’ll get back to you.