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What sort of gloves should you choose.

This question often comes up during the after-ride coffee and chat.  If you are lucky enough to not worry about budget just go into your local bike shop and ask them for the best pair of MTB gloves. Not me – I’m a cheapskate, scrooge, tightwad and MTB dollars need to get in line.  About 2 years ago at the cafe I was wearing a pair of NinjaIce cool room packers gloves.  They’re very warm but the feel is a but marshmallow and the quality is not great but they only cost $9.95.  My buddies thought they were pretty funny when Simon says:

“You’re shopping in the wrong eisle.  You obviously get your gloves in the hardware store – try the garden section for the best gloves.”

So I went back to the hardware store, by-passed the bargain boxes where the NinjaIce gloves lived and went to the garden section.  Just as Simon had predicted there were shelves and shelves of gloves.  After a few excited minutes I picked out a pair of yellow leather gardening gloves for $12 – bargain.  I wore these for a winter.  They were mostly water proof ( although my hands turned yellow on really wet days ), reasonably warm, the feel was better than the NinjaIce gloves but they were not great.  One problem I have found with cheap gloves is the fingers have a thick seam at the very end, not good. And my gardening gloves had this problem.  I had a chat to my mate Peter from the hardware store and he said try the automotive section…