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The Point To Pinnacle race up Mt Wellington is over for another year.

The toughest half marathon in the world apparently although I’m sure there are plenty of other tough half marathons out there. I’m told this year it was a tough race as the mountain weather temperature soared.

It’s spring here in Hobart and the weather is generally ideal. But at the start of November only a couple of weeks ago it was a different story.  I had to do a few test runs on The Mountain for our blue and black routes.  I thought I was dressed adequately with a light thermal, cycling jacket, long knix, and heavy gloves.  Howling wind and intermittent showers, after the ride my Garmin told me it was -1C.  I quickly put on my emergency clothes, a windproof and a balaclava.  But it was still very cold.  By the time I got to the Springs I was shaking so hard I could barely control the bike.

Adventure or ordeal?

I know a lot of riders who would have pulled the plug on this ride.  Too cold, too uncomfortable, too hard.  For me it was a great adventure, I had an emergency plan to get into one of the huts and light a fire and call my wife for a lift – so I was never in any real danger.  I got a great story about testing the routes for Hobart MTB Tours and I learnt heaps.  The next time I went up The Mountain I was better prepared.  It was even colder with blizzarding snow but I had extra clothes.  I was warm and it was fun. Ordeal or adventure? Its up to you.

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