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Huddo ditched me.

My usual Thursday night riding buddy, Huddo, went for a weeks riding in NZ and I was at a loose end. I don’t mind riding by myself but I’d much rather ride with buddies.  I asked another mate Jerry but he said he was going with the shop ride, and asked if I’d like to ride with them.  I’d never ridden with these guys, would they be too fast, too good or too fit?  I turned up and they said the ride would be about 90 minutes and finish with a beer.

We rode up to The Silos, for anyone that knows Hobart, and headed into the bush.  These guys ride really really well but they were just having fun.  There was no pressure and lots of talk and laughter.  We rode some old trails, and  some new trails.  Some steep, some flowy, a few drops and a few jumps.  Lots of laughs and a couple of spills.  We finished in the beautiful Cascade Gardens and someone retrieved an icy cold six pack they had stashed earlier.  We sat on the lawn, drank beer and talked bike talk.

Fun , friends, laughter & beer – that’s why I ride.

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