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I have a favorite bike track.

It rips down from a lookout along a rabbit track by a fence line, tight, fast steep and technical.  You’d never find this kind of .  It turns to the right goes across the contour and it gets a bit technical but then it’s a push up an unrideable slope.  Some of my riding buddies hate it and I’ve never understood this.  They like fast tight rough single track and the first half of this run ticks all the boxes.  So today when we rode it I stopped them before the push and asked “how was that?”  They all agreed that it was pretty awesome.

Then we pushed up a bushy rocky goat track and the swearing began but this time everyone remembered how good the descent was.  Maybe most of our rides end on descents and that’s what we remember of that particular bike track.  How often have you done a great ride then done it again only to think ‘I don’t remember this awful climb’.  My mate Fletcher has a theory that you only remember the end.

So maybe we should plan to end all our rides after the best descent of the day and not the worst climb.

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