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It’s a wet miserable weekend here in Hobart.

We rode yesterday but only 2 guys turned up.  Do you still ride when it rains?  I’ve got a mate called Sugarcube.  He used to be called Richard but he stayed in bed one morning when the rest of us rode and now he’s called Sugarcube.

With a bit a planning and good equipment riding in the rain can be a whole heap of good old fashioned boy fun.  Splashing in puddles and getting muddy kinda fun.  First priority: Don’t get cold.

There are two strategies here, Strategy A – try and stay dry with water proof kit.  Strategy B – wear clothing that stays warm when its wet. I usually try a combo of strategy A for my top half and strategy B for my bottom half but whatever strategy you use a good base layer that wicks moisture away is essential.  A bandanna, headband or a neck tube is another good investment as it stops a lot of the icy trickles that run down from your head.  A good, lightweight, waterproof jacket to keep most of the water out. Booty covers, waterproof boots, waterproof socks or just a good pair of warm fluffy socks can keep your feet a bit warmer and a bit drier. And finally gloves.  Most gloves will get pretty soggy in the rain.  Water proof gloves can be expensive but a cheaper option is neoprene gloves, they stay warm when they’re wet and they only cost about $10 from the hardware store.  And a final word ( or 3 ) DON’T WEAR COTTON, when it gets wet it gets heavy and very very ( I’m mean dangerously ) cold

Second priority is having a plan to get out of your wet kit and into a hot shower as fast as possible. Gloves, helmet, jacket, boots and socks off on the front porch.  Run to the bathroom, strip off in the bathtub ( easy to clean later ) and then straight into the shower.  I can do it in about 2 minutes.

So if you can stay warmish and dryish during the ride and you know you’ll be in a nice hot shower within 2 minutes of the end of your ride there’s no reason for not enjoying riding in the rain…except for your bike.  Riding in the rain and the mud does give your bike a bit of a thrashing.  Might be a good day to borrow a mates bike or try a demo bike.