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There were 8 of us going down a rarely used track over the back of the mountain.

It’s a huge descent and a couple of gates, a fall and several obstacles meant the bunch had split into 4:2:2. I was one of the middle 2 trying desperately to catch my buddies at the front. We burst out of the bush onto rural land and a narrow farm track. We were flying. We shot past a farm house as the farmer ran out of his house screaming at us, he looked really angry ( sorry Mr Farmer ). I’m usually pretty friendly and like to resolve issues like this but there was no safe way to stop at the speed we were doing so I kept on riding. Then I thought about the last 2 riders, Huddo and Nath. The most likely scenario was the first bunch alerted the farmer who came outside and then saw us tearing across his land and he would be prepared for the last two riders.

We rode on to the next stop and waited and waited. I feared the worst as Nath is pretty fiery and Huddo loves to argue. I imagined all sort of scenarios. 15 minutes later the boys turned up and Huddo had the biggest grin across his face.

“Did you see the farmer?” I asked. And then came Huddo’s story of one of the best bits of mountain biking ever …
“Sure did” Huddo replied.”He was standing in the middle of the road so we stopped. He was angry. Screamed at us, said he had small kids and livestock and his old grandmother and didn’t want us mountain bikers tearing through his property. I stopped him mid rant “What do you mean by Us Mountain Bikers?” and the Farmer said “You’re mates that came through here 5 minutes ago were going like bats out of hell”. And I said “They weren’t our mates, we saw them earlier and they looked like a bunch of pricks” And straight away he calmed down and we we’re best mates. We parted company with him saying we could come back any time but added if he ever saw that other bunch of pricks on his land there’d be trouble.”

I guess it goes to show if you take the time to listen to people and show a bit of understanding you can usually get along with everyone OR Huddo is one of the cleverest blokes I’ve ever met.

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