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I’ve got lost more times and jumped more fences and been chased by more dogs and spent more time poring over maps than I can remember.  And experience has taught me a rough rule of thumb:

‘For every new piece of single track gold I find I have to  stick my nose down 10 dead ends.’

I remind myself of this often when I see an unpromising goat track.  And most of my favorite tracks have started as nothing more than an overgrown gap between trees.  You push through and then push through a bit more and if you’re lucky the track keeps going until it comes out somewhere you recognize.  GPS, Garmin and Strava make it a bit easier but I find the 10 to 1  rule still applies.  Today was the one, and it was very good.

I’m back home for Christmas and I remembered an old track I had last walked as a Scout.

I couldn’t remember much about the scout excursion but I thought it might be worth a bit of reconnaissance.  The track wound up a hill that turned out to be nearly 400m.  Steep, twisty with a few technical bits, it looks amazing. 

I took a few photos – have a look.  The only slight disappointment was I was on foot.

I can’t wait to go back and get my wheels dirty, maybe tomorrow.

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