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I went back the next day and rode the track I found in my last post about the 10 to 1 rule.

The ride up was tough and steep but I only had to push in a few places. But the ride back down – wowee!  3 km of sweet single track. It was a mix of gravel path, rooty rocky stuff, a little bit of duck board and even a flight of steep steps to keep me on my toes. It goes down about 300 m in 3 km. I also did a but of reconnaissance over the top.  There’s a track on the other side that joins up to some forestry roads.  You can follow the forestry roads back to the start.  I didn’t do it this time but it would make a nice 15 km loop, although I would recommend riding up the forestry roads and down the single track.

If you want to know where it is shoot me an email – jono @

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