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OK lets get any conflict of interest out of the way right now.  I live in Hobart and I ride on Cascade land.  I try and support them by drinking Cascade beer…

Mountain biking seems to get linked to hipsterism and craft beer.  Not sure why?  Maybe its the deomographic or maybe its because we’re relaxed and social and slightly non main stream. Or maybe craft beer makers try and link themselves to mountain bikers because its the image they want for there product.

Don’t get me wrong I love to try new beers and I’ve probably drunk more different beers than I can remember but after a hard hot effort, like a bike ride or mowing the lawns on a summer afternoon Im looking for refreshment not “A PSYCHEDELIC CONGLOMERATION OF THE HOLIEST OF INGREDIENTS INCLUDING ADDITIONS OF MIND-ALTERING AMOUNTS OF NEW WORLD HOPS; RESULTING IN AROMATIC REVERBERATIONS OF CITRUS, PEACH, PASSIONFRUIT AND PINE. ALL FOLLOWED BY AN UNSTINTING MALT BODY AND BITTERNESS.”  Apologies to Modus Operandi, and I do like some of their beers but when Im hot and thirsty I don’t want reverberations of citrus, peach and passionfruit.  I want “glug, glug, glug …. aahhhh”.  

So without further ado here’s my top 5 :

5 – Little Rivers, Dam Busters. OK, not my favourite beer but its name after a trail at one of my favourite mountain bike destinations – DERBY.  That gets it on the list.

4 – Little Creatures, Pale Ale.“Full bodied yet refreshing” that’s how Little Creatures describes this easy drinking thirst quencher.  Not my favourite but never dissapointed if someone hands me one of these at the end of a ride.

3 – Cascade, Lager, Pale Ale or Export Stout. If VB or Fosters or Tooheys or Budweiser owned half a mountain and let me ride  my mountain bike on their land I’d drink their beer and sing their praises.  But they don’t and Cascade do, so here’s to Cascade and fine beers and their generous sponsorship of the Hobart Mountain Bike community.

2 – Fat Yak, Pale Ale.  Rode Derby with some mates on the weekend.  Got to the bottom and most of the boys headed for the campsite but  my mate Dave said “Do you want to do anther run?” We rode up to the trail head and then charged down one more time.  Got back to the camp, packed my bike away, grabbed a six pack and headed to the fire where everyone was sitting.  “Put those back in car Jono.” said Dave and handed me a Fat Yak Pale Ale.  I was hot and sweaty and smelly and beer never tasted so good.

1 – Cooper, Pale Ale.  This beer hasn’t let me down for 20 years.  Coopers Red is what I want in a beer after a hard ride.  Its cold, refreshing, mouth filling ( and a bit chewy ).

Honorable mentions:

  • Boags XXX
  • 4 Pines Hefewieser
  • Sierra Nevada Hefewiesser
  • Kingfisher
  • Pilsner Urkell
  • Bruny Island Brewery Oxymoron
  • Bent Spoke
  • Bicycle beer

Let me know what you think inthe comments below and I might update my list