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Ode to the The Specialized Stumpjumper

Specialized has been making Stumpys since 1981 and each new model is better that the last. We use the StumpJumper FSR Carbon 650B.  Our current fleet is the 2018 model but I can’t wait to get the new 2019 model.  They come spec’d with 150mm travel, front and back.  An integrated dropper post, SRAM Guide brakes with a truck stopping 200mm rotor and a no nonsense 1 x 11 gearset.  Tyres combo is my favourite with Specialized’s 2.4 inch Butcher on the front for heaps of grip in all conditions and the Slaughter on the back for a nice merger of fast rolling in a straight line with some aggressive chunks on the side for grippy cornering when you lean it over. These bikes are great.

I’m currently on my 3rd Stumpy with no plans to jump ship anytime soon.  Specialized is known for innovation and I know that if Im riding a Stumpy there isn’t much out there that’s any better ( although the Canyon Spectral looks pretty good ).

My first Stumpy was a racing XC 29er hardtail.  I  learnt a lot riding that bike.  One big lesson it taught me was tyres are important.  It came with Specialized’s 1.8 inch Renegade tyres.  Inflated to 45psi these tyres were aptly named, fast, loose and almost impossible to control.   I had many a contemplative moment, lying on my back looking up at the sky wondering how my bike ride had stopped so abruptly and how I ended up on the ground.  The answer was usually “Renegades”!!!  Once I changed to a set of Specialized The Captain’s these contemplative moments became much less often.  The Captain was my favourite tyre of all time.  Maybe this was just because it was some much better than the Renegade.  I just had a quick look at Specialized online shop, you can’t buy The Captain anymore but you can still get the horrid Renegade ( although it looks a lot chunkier now days ).

My next Stumpy was the milkshake green Evo 27.5 dualie.  What a great bike!  This bike put the Stumpy ahead of the design curve.  I don’t think it was a big seller but I noticed all of its new features soon became standard on subsequent models.  It was longer lower and slacker and started a trend that seems to be continuing. I loved that bike.

My current Stumpy is the 2018 Carbon Expert 27.5.  Its a very generous warranty replacement for my previous Stumpy.  Its very similar to the Evo, maybe a bit more compact.  A touch more ground clearance.  Its a bit stiffer and a bit lighter.  I like it but I don’t love it.

Fingers crossed, my next bike will be the 2019 Stumpy EVO.  I know it only comes in alloy and its spec is pretty modest but I don’t care.  Its lower than a worms belly and longer than a teenagers excuse about how the car got dented and slacker than my efforts at college.  I can’t wait to get my hands on it. And if its as good as I hope it will soon become the premium bike in our fleet

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