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Q: What do I need to bring?

A: Warm clothing and covered footwear.  If you want to wear your own helmet or gloves please bring them.  We provide all of the essentials you’ll need to participate in one of our tours, bike, helmet, gloves, water bottle.  We also provide some other things that aren’t essential but you might not have thought of like sunscreen and water.  We also have emergency things we hope you won’t need, like first aid kits and emergency blankets.

Q: Will it be cold?

A: It depends on your idea of cold.  Average temperatures in Hobart are usually in the high teens to early twenties.  Its a few degrees colder at the trail head.  We ride mostly amongst the trees on protected tracks and trail so the wind is rarely a factor.  Check out the forecast at THE WEATHER DUDES . In summer I usually wear 2 layers, and in Spring and Autumn I usually wear 3 layers.

Q: Doesn’t Tassie always rain?

A: The west coast of Tasmania gets a lot of rain but Hobart is shielded by mount Wellington and is Australias 2nd driest capital city…so no!

Q: What tour should I book?

A:Great question!  Our easiest tour is Forest Cruising.  If you are comfortable riding a bike, even if you’ve never mountain biked before, you should be fine on this tour.  If you haven’t ridden for a while and you’re not sure we highly recommend you have a few rides to make sure you’re confident.  Our more advanced tour is RIDE THE MOUNTAIN. If you mountain bike regularly and want to experience some of Hobarts best single track this is the tour for you.

Q:Do you do private tours?

A:Yes we do.  Please contact us direct to book a private tour.  We do have minimum price / numbers for private tours.

Q:What can I do to prepare for my tour?

A: Get out and ride your bike a few times. If you ride regularly your should be fine to just show up on the day, but If you haven’t ridden for a while I strongly recommend you have a few rides at home before you ride with us.  It’s much better to re-acquaint yourself with a bike at a local track near your home where you feel safe and secure than at the start of a tour on an unfamiliar track, on an unfamiliar bike, with a bunch of people you don’t know.

Q:My partner loves mountain biking and really wants to go mountain biking while were in Hobart but I’m not so sure, will I be OK?

A:Brilliant question and this is one of our biggest challenges as a tour operator.  We often have couples where one partner is a keen mountain biker ( lets call this person “the boyfriend” ) who books a tour and tells the other partner “You’ll be fine”.  If you think you might be the “other partner” in this scenario please please please talk to us before we leave.  If you’re booked on the RIDE THE MOUNTAIN tour you need to be a confident mountain bike rider otherwise YOU WILL NOT BE OK despite assurances from “the boyfriend”.  Its unlikely you’ll have an accident and get hurt  but its no fun and can cause a lot of unnecessary embarrassment if one of our guides has to tell you “I don’t think this tour is for you, you probably want to get back on the bus”.  So what to do? 1 – Talk to us, we’ve seen it before and we’re pretty good at handling this situation – if you give us the chance. 2 – Book the easier tour FOREST CRUISING.  It’s a lot easier for us to find extra challenges on an easier route than to make a tougher ride easier. 3 – Book a tour with a different company who run tours while your partner is riding.  Our friends at Walk on kunyani, Hobart Walking Company and Roaring Forties Kayaks all run fun tours of similar duration.  Partners, family and friends are all very welcome to join us at the end of a ride for a beer and chat ( we usually finish at Grinners in MidTown ).  And if you’ve been on your own tour its great to share stories.

Q: Can I bring my own bike shoes with cleats?

A: Yes …BUT.  I have a limited number of SPD pedals.  Please let me know before hand so I can put them on your bike.

Q:Do you have any age restrictions?

A:We take riders from 13 years and up.

Q: Am I likely to crash?

A: No.  Mountain Biking is a dangerous sport and anything can happen so crashes can and do occur. However, In the last 3 years we have had about a dozen instances of people falling off bikes onto the ground and only 2 trips to hospital. And so far ( fingers crossed ) we haven’t needed an ambulance.  We are very safety conscious and don’t believe falling or crashing is a necessary part of mountain bike riding.

Q: Do we ride from the top of Mount Wellington?

A: No.  The top of the Mountain is nearly always cold and windy.  There are no mountain bike tracks from the top and the road is narrow, busy and in my opinion..dangerous.  Having said that if you have your heart set on riding from the summit you can book a private tour with us or contact Mt Wellington Descent who operate daily tours from the summit of Mt Wellington down the road back into Hobart.

Q:Do you have electric bikes?

A: No, but all our rides are down so you won’t need a motor.

Q: Is Jono from Hobart Mountain Bike Tours better looking than Phil from Tas Mountain Bike Adventures?

A:Yes ( reap it Phil )