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Winter bike rides in Tasmania

Mountain Bike Fashion – What to wear, when

If you’re reading this seriously looking for fashion advice for mountain biking please let me know ( ) because that’s really funny.  I’m the least fashionable person on the planet.  I wear one  pair of Blundstone boots (that changes every 5 years), wife beater singlet, Hobart MTB Tours jumper. Read more…

Riding in the rain

It’s a wet miserable weekend here in Hobart.

We rode yesterday but only 2 guys turned up.  Do you still ride when it rains?  I’ve got a mate called Sugarcube.  He used to be called Richard but he stayed in bed one morning when the rest of us rode and now he’s called Sugarcube.

With a bit a planning and good equipment riding in the rain can be a whole heap of good old fashioned boy fun.  Splashing in puddles and getting muddy kinda fun.  (more…)

Gloves, gloves and more gloves

What sort of gloves should you choose.

This question often comes up during the after-ride coffee and chat.  If you are lucky enough to not worry about budget just go into your local bike shop and ask them for the best pair of MTB gloves. Not me – I’m a cheapskate, scrooge, tightwad and MTB dollars need to get in line.  About 2 years ago at the cafe I was wearing a pair of NinjaIce cool room packers gloves.  They’re very warm but the feel is a but marshmallow and the quality is not great but they only cost $9.95.  My buddies thought they were pretty funny when Simon says:

“You’re shopping in the wrong eisle.  You obviously get your gloves in the hardware store – try the garden section for the best gloves.”