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End of a Mountain bike ride.

Back to The River

Despite my invitation to the entire worldwide Mountain Biking community only 8 people turned up for this years ride of The River.  Maybe not as many people read my blog as I think, or maybe everybody was just getting ready for Christmas.  yeah, that must be it. Our latest Epic Read more…

Come Ride The River

Ok, as a mountain biker I might have a bit of a problem.  I’m don’t think i’m a trail snob.  I’m fully ( and sometimes painfully) aware of my short comings as a rider. Technically I’m not great and my fitness is no where near what it once was, but Read more…

Follow the Light

It had been raining for hours; Knicks were saturated and rubbing painfully,  gloves were sodden, my semi rainproof jackets was hanging limply off my body, dripping, dripping and dripping.  My eyes were full of mud and had turned into red and brown slits and the bike were making pained groaning Read more…

Knowing the back trails

One of the benefits of mountain biking is you get to know a lot of secret back trails that not many that people know about.

I’ve been lucky enough to have ridden on and around the bush lands south of Hobart nearly every day for many years.

I found tracks that few people know and I’ve even made a few tracks that even fewer people know about.  And this mountain biker knowledge allows you to ride some great routes by connecting some of the main routes with some of the lesser know tracks.  I always get a bit of a thrill taking friends riding in areas of Hobart they think they know and showing them one or two trails they didn’t know about and turning the usual ride into something quite different. However a good knowledge of the back trails can sometimes get you into a bit of trouble… (more…)

Mountain Biking: Would you jump the fence?

Some of my mates did a great ride on the weekend.  I know it included one track that mountain biking isn’t allowed on.

My attitude has changed a lot over time but, if I’m honest, I have to admit that I used to be the one who led the charge when exploring new tracks,and I didn’t care if it was legal or otherwise.  And before you get too outraged please consider that I live in Tasmania which is three times the size of Wales with the same population as Bristol. The biggest maintenance issue with most of our tracks is that they aren’t used enough and get over grown.  I have had landowners ask me to ride on their land to and help keep their tracks clear.