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Join the Red and Black Peloton, and ride to Dark MOFO’s Dark Park in Style.

Hobart in June, DARK MOFO

DARK MOFO, Winter Feast

Hobart’s DARK MOFO festival is an amazing event.  Art, music, lights, fire, food … and Mountain Bike riding? Mountain bike riding should always have been part of DARK MOFO and, thanks to Hobart MTB Tours and Tasmanian Mountain Bike Adventures, it is now.

If you think DARK MOFO’s a mind blowing cultural adventure ( and it is ) how much better could it be following a night time ride under lights down from FernTree all the way back to the Waterfront and Dark Park.

Knight Riders Mission Plan

  1. Assemble outside Dark Park on Evans Street ready for a 5:30pm departure
  2. On our bus (The Sir David) and up to FernTree
  3. Get kitted and fitted on one of our bikes
  4. 90 glorious minutes of night riding under lights through bush trails and historic streets
  5. Wind our way back to Hobart
  6. Arrive at Dark Park at 7:30pm, a quick drink and then on to further Dark Mofo adventures


  • This is an intermediate level ride.  You don’t have to be a skilled mountain bike rider but you will need to be able to confidently handle a bike.
  • Night riding adds an extra level of difficulty. If you haven’t ridden trails in the dark before it can be intimidating the first time but most people adjust to it quite quickly.
  • It will be cold.  This is a winter ride at night, dress accordingly.  Nothing saps your riding confidence faster than being cold. We provide some warm gear but good thermals and a windproof jackets are a great idea.


The Hobart MTB Tours booking guarantee

If you book, you’ll ride. We don’t do minimum numbers. I don’t care if no one but you turns up and I lose more money than a drunken sailor in a get rich scheme. If you book, you’ll ride. OK there are some safety issues concerning dangerous conditions but within reason if you book a tour with us you can be confident that you’re riding – even if it’s just you and me ( but I reckon you can buy the coffees )

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