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Mount Wellington to the Museum

One of the problems on holidays as a mountain biker is fitting it all in.

You’re in Hobart so you want to go to MONA (the Museum of Old and New Art) and you want to go to Mount Wellington, and you’re a mountain biker so you also want to do what a mountain biker does.

Now you can do it all.

We take you from Hobart city up The Mountain on our bus, The Sir David (yes, we did name it after MONA’s founder, David Walsh).

Enjoy the amazing views before we put you on a bike with one of our guides and we ride down the famous North South track. The end of the North South track is only a few kilometers from MONA so we keep riding and arrive in style at MONA, enjoy the grounds, the culture and the Museum and then catch the ferry back to the city.

What a great day!


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The Hobart MTB Tours booking guarantee

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I don’t care if no one but you turns up and I lose more money than a drunken sailor in a get rich scheme. If you book, you’ll ride. OK there are some safety issues concerning dangerous conditions but within reason if you book a tour with us you can be confident that your riding – even if it’s just you and me.