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Ride through Tasmania’s bike trails at night…

Night Fever - after dark bike rides

Your adventure starts with a relaxed trip on our bus, The Sir David, as we drive up and out of Hobart’s foothills. Your guides will get you set up on one of our awesome bikes before we hit the beautiful tracks for 90 minutes of easy downhill cruising.  As the twilight descends we ride through stunning forests with majestic eucalyptus trees and mighty ferns. You’ll be unlucky not to see wallabies and possums and you might even see bats or an owl.  The high mountain gives way to the foothills as we turn on the lights. Darkness encroaches and the trails narrow and our vision concentrates as you feel the excitement of riding dirt in the dark.  Then we hit the suburbs and the paths that takes us back into town and roll up to the pub as we finish with refreshments and stories of your ride and your next adventure.

What’s the terrain like?  Easy, well graded, mostly smooth, fire trails and gravel paths. It falls at a very gentle slope. If you are unsure please call us before you book the tour. Most people are apprehensive the first time they ride at night.  Night riding is a very different riding experience to normal riding, your vision is narrow and focused and the trail comes up fast. Your eyes are wide and you can’t look around as it demands your utmost concentration.  Its not better or worse but it is a lot of fun and it’s always a buzz.

Fine Print:

  1. Sunset changes daily and determines how much of the ride is done in the daylight.  In the middle of summer most of this ride will take place in the light.
  2. Riding at night is more demanding than daylight riding, even with the best lights.   If this is the first time you’ve ridden off road with lights its best to take it a bit slower than you might normally.  We’ve picked a route which isn’t technically challenging. We want everyone to be safe and have fun.
  3. The route can vary slightly depending the the ability of the group. 
  4. For most people it will be cold.  We provide some warm clothing but it is preferable if you bring your own warm clothing that you know will fit and you are comfortable with ( ours is pretty daggy and smells a bit like me ).


  • Ride uphill our bus, “The Sir David.”
  • Rugged Handsome guides
  • Awesome mountain bikes
  • Super Bright MTB Lights. (NO! YOUR DOLPHIN TORCH WILL NOT DO!)
  • All helmets, gloves and  a pack with everything you’ll need
  • Snacks and water during ride
  • Ride down into the forest under lights for an adventure like no other
  • Finish in a friendly pub for a refreshment and a chat about your ride and your next adventure.
  • Memories of a lifetime

The Hobart Mountain Bike Tours booking guarantee

If you book, you’ll ride. We don’t do minimum numbers. I don’t care if only you turn up and I lose more money than a drunken sailor in a get rich scheme. If you book, you’ll ride. OK there are some safety issues concerning dangerous conditions but within reason if you book a tour with us you can be confident that you will ride – even if it’s just you and me ( but I reckon you can buy the first beer )…


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