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Hobart’s Mount Wellington

Hobart’s kunanyi/Mount Wellington, you can’t miss it, it dominates the city from every angle.

When you arrive in Hobart the first thing you see is kunanyi/Mount Wellington and if you’re a mountain biker it gets you thinking, “I wonder if there are any trails up there…?”.  Well, yes there are – rather a lot and they’re pretty bloody amazing. Hobart local riders take it for granted but it provides a unique style of riding that is some of the best anywhere in the country.

The area the locals simply call “The Mountain”  spans 3 local government boundaries, a national park and several private properties which means it isn’t under the control of one authority.  So while Derby, Maydena,  and The Meehan are well mapped and accessible the only real way to get to know The Mountain is local knowledge, reserved for the local riders who know how to link it all up.

On this tour we take you up kunanyi/Mount Wellington and guide you back down through the network of Hobart’s mountain bike tracks.  We’ll show you where to go and how to link it all together and in no time you’ll be riding The Mountain like a local.

This tour is for intermediate and above level mountain bikers. If you’re just thinking about trying off road or you’ve only just started getting your tyres dirty we recommend our entry level tours Forest Cruising or Night Fever. But if you’re happiest off road and you’re comfortable on narrow single track with rocks, roots and tight corners we’ve got terrain suitable for you.  You’ll get a guided single track odyssey and see the best mountain biking Hobart has to offer.

We meet in Midtown, Hobart’s coolest destination, at our office above our favourite cafe – The Stagg. Meet your guides, get kitted out, grab a coffee if you like and then jump on our bus, The Sir David.  We then head up and out of Hobart to Mt Wellington and enjoy stunning views along the way as we drive to the trail head at The Springs.  Our guides will set you up on one of our bikes.  The standard bikes are Specialized Fuse Hardtails with fat tyres and they are a lot of fun. (If you want one of our premium dual suspension Specialized StumpJumpers select the premium bike option when you book.)  We have a quick chat about what to expect and then we ride Hobart’s best single track all the way back to South Hobart before cruising the final stretch along the picturesque Rivulet Track as it makes its way back to Midtown.

There will be plenty of stops along the way to point out interesting features and take postcard photos.

Someone said all good bike rides start in a cafe and end in a pub and we couldn’t agree more.  All of our tours start and finish in Midtown. We always start at The Stagg Cafe (138 Elizabeth Street) but we might finish at a local pub or a rum bar or a craft beer brew bar or or just enjoy a Cascade on the sidewalk.


The Hobart Mountain Bike Tours Booking Guarantee

If you book, you’ll ride. We don’t do minimum numbers. I don’t care if no one but you turns up and I lose more money than a drunken sailor in a get rich scheme. If you book, you’ll ride. OK there are some safety issues concerning dangerous conditions but within reason if you book a tour with us you can be confident that will ride – even if it’s just you and me ( but I reckon you can get the first beer )…


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