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‘Worn-down paths are for worn-down men…’

Want to go a heck of a lot further afield than the more regular MTB trail riding when you’re in Hobart?

Epic mountain biking, Hobart

Want to get right off the beaten track?

How does 60km of remote MTB trail riding sound, in that case?  And how’s about we add in 6 hours of hard riding? And a river of mud up to your bottom bracket?  The joys of navigating your way through baby-head boulder fields?

And how’s about 2000 meters worth of climbing? And 1000 meters worth of truly thigh-destroying descents?

All that and more, and then finishing it off in pubs that serve beer in nothing smaller than pint glasses?

If you’re thinking ‘BRING IT ON!’  then you really need to go on The Epic, and here at Hobart MTB Tours we can provide exactly this kind of torture, every minute of it with a cheery smile from your friendly local guide!

Check out our mountain bikes to get a heads-up look at what you can ride, or you can bring along your own machine and we’ll provide you with the right kind of Hobart MTB trail challenge.

You can also take a look at the Hobart MTB Tours photo gallery to get an idea of the sorts of rides we’ve put together – bikes in kayaks, river crossings, snowy mountain adventures, riding at dawn, night rides…  You name it, we’ve probably done it.

Contact us to find out when we’re heading out for some epic MTB trail riding in Tasmania!